On 28th June 2023, the first conference dedicated to soft mist inhalers took place in London, U.K. Its purpose was to enable delegates to learn to make, use and launch soft mist inhalers.

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SMI.London 2023 illustrated how SMIs are taking their place alongside other inhalers, what benefits their bring. The day explored the regulatory and scientific context in which SMIs are developed. It charted the path from molecules to finished dosage forms. The event included talks on SMI device technology, regulatory and practical aspects of formulating and testing SMIs, aspects of leachables and extractable science for SMIs, and human factor studies. The speakers at SMI.London 2023 were key opinion leaders with extensive experience in the field of Inhaled Drug Delivery.

SMIs are inhalers with one of the lowest carbon footprints. They have the potential to capture 50% of the portable inhaler market alongside DPIs.


Merxin Ltd -

SMI devices designer and supplier

Intertek -

Formulation & analytic CDMO

Extle -

Leachable’s and extractable consulting experts

Oxford Lasers -

Plume and spray testing experts and suppliers

Harro Hofliger -

Inhaler manufacturing hardware

MedHF -

Human factor studies experts

H&T Presspart -

Primary containers specialists

Inke -

Inhaled therapy active ingredient suppliers

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To request slides of the speakers, please use the links below.

SMIs: Increasing The Value Of Inhaled Therapies. Introducing SMI.London 2023

Dr. Philippe Rogueda, Merxin Ltd

Performance Testing Of Soft Mist Devices For Compliance With Regulatory Requirements

Aurelien Martin, University of Hertfordshire

On The Inexorable Rise Of SMI In Haled Drug Delivery

Dr. Jag Shur, Theela Science Ltd

From Single Droplet To Plume: Probing SMI Aerosols

Dan Hardy, Microsolscience Ltd

SMIs: Exploring The Device Hardware

Dr. Philippe Rogueda, Merxin Ltd

Extractable’s And Leachable’s: Implications For SMIs

Shane Smith, Extle Solution Ltd

Formulation Considerations For SMI Products

Paddy McCarry, Intertek

Human Factors Validation For Inhalers

Lee Wood, MedHF

Characterisation AND Understanding Of SMI Spray Plume

Dr. Seamus Murphy, Oxford Lasers

Soft Mist Inhalation Of Complex Biologicals And To Safeguard API Integrity

Prof. Cees Van Rijn, University of Amsterdam